Classically beautiful and uniquely her own, rising pop star Nadine‘s newest single “MISSED CALL,” is a sultry heartbreak anthem, reflecting on a past relationship that doesn’t seem to be quite over.

Sonically, the track is soul-inspired, with an intensity of emotional elements shining through. Nadine’s voice has a dreamy and eloquent quality. The depths of passionate romanticism carry the track the entire way. Lyrically, the songwriter touches on the feeling of confusion when an ex’s name pops up on your phone, leaving her to wonder “how would everything change if I answered?”

She sings: Why is it called falling in love / Head over heels / Learned to love you from afar / I know that you’re not mine but above all / Somehow I know you’ll catch me if I fall.”

Nadine explains, “The main theme..“why is it called falling in love?” is something that has always intrigued me. I genuinely didn’t understand it until this experience. There’s always that one person that just sticks with you, and for me, the only way to get through it was by locking myself in my room with my old keyboard and writing about it.” This talented young artist is a natural-born star, tuning in her craft with tight pitch changes and a large range – truly creating an emotional experience for her listeners. 

Nadine’s voice is soulful and raw, yet airy and light: perfect for fans of artists like Madison Beer and Lennon Stella. All-star producer, Johnny May, crafted the distinctive sound, and Nadine’s glorious vocals carry the tune. Painting a real-life picture of worry and heartbreak, “MISSED CALL,” is a must-listen track that can be played over and over. 

Listen right now below and all on all streaming platforms 🙂


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