She Loves Boon FT Belis / Honest

Early Risers, first things first. Happy Friday. We live to fight another week Craig. I hope everyone can find their happy place. Next thing, please help me in introducing She Loves Boon, a 25 year old eclectic from the Big Apple. He’s had a bit of a glow up this year and shows no signs of slowing down! By continuing to expand his sonic palette, as well as enlisting the aid of Belis (who is equally incredible in her own right), She Loves Boon has Frankenstein’d a whimsical Hyperpop banger.

“I know you’re childish and I know I’m wylin”

The late great wordsmith Charles Bukowski once said “an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple way”. Bullseye. That was my reaction upon first listen. To create a song that is infectiously poppy–while simultaneously tackling heavier concepts such as unrequited love and feeling stuck–takes an immense amount of talent. The type that eludes your average everyday Island Boy.

“Let’s be honest”

Do you like perfectly equalized and slap-happy 808’s? Infectious melodies? Filtered and quantized keys spaced out to perfection? Certified organic honesty that has an inimitable quality so valid that you’re going to play the same song back 10 times at a minimum? I’m on 12 and counting right now. Belay my last, 13 now. Big shout out to SLB and Belis. You got one! Be sure to follow and stream below. Namaste E-R.


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