Hailing from the islands of Cape Verde, platinum producer Nami, has earned significant recognition for his work as a producer and collaborated with the likes of some of the most notable artists in modern music. From Ariana Grande to Bryson Tiller, and Jack Harlow, at only 19 years old, Nami is has garnered an impressive catalogue for his short time in the music industry.

Now, Nami is stepping into the light as a solo artist with his debut project, “Demos for Drake”. The six track EP is a collection of songs inspired by Drake and the diverse range of sounds he’s explored over the years. Nami pays homage to the rapper’s influence on the ever expanding genre with the project written and executive produced by Nami himself. On the EP, he flexes his rapping skills for the first time, offering a peek into the process behind-the-board. Showcasing crisp production, diverse sound selection and impressive lyricism, Nami’s showcases his ability to step outside of boundaries and create a string of compelling and unique tracks.

The first track in the project, “Somebody’s Lying” is a soulful and melodic tune showcasing Nami’s buttery R&B vocals. The head-bopping beat gives Nami the room to float effortlessly on the track, displaying his intricate lyricism and compelling singing voice. The church choir interlude compliments the track to a tee further adding to the soulful and gospel-like feel of the track. The second track “Easy” builds off the momentum of the first track, further highlighting Nami’s hypnotic R&B vocals over the ethereal instrumental.

On the latter half of the project, Nami showcases his equally riveting rap flows. Tracks such as Dap’s, Handshakes and Hugs and “What Do We Have Here?” display his ability to jump from his compelling and soulful singing vocals to his expertly crafted bars. My personal favorite track on the project, “Dap’s, Handshakes and Hugs” demonstrates his more trap influenced production style and creative word play. Lastly, the final song on the project “What Do We Have Here?”, exhibits the more mellow and introspective side of his rap identity.

At 19 years old, Nami is beginning to breach the surface of his creative potential. You can check out the project “Demos For Drake” out on streaming services now and follow Nami on Instagram to stay tuned for whats next!


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