Ari Elkins

ER: Where are you from / living now?:

Ari: Los Angeles, CA — Ann Arbor, MI for college.

ER: What is the thing that keeps you so drawn towards music?:

Ari: Ever since I was a little kid music has been a huge part of my life. I grew up listening to my dad playing Jazz Piano and I later went on to go to a music high school in Los Angeles where I studied recording engineering. I love the way music is able to be a soundtrack to my life and love the ability as a curator to help people find their new favorite songs.

ER: What are you working on now?

Ari: I’m working on some really exciting things in the live and hosting space in addition to my Wednesday’s weekly Instagram live show where I interview a new artist every week as well as continuing to create content for TikTok.

ER: What project are you most proud of working on/ was most memorable?

Ari: When I got to guest host the Breakaway Music Festival in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

ER: What are your goals for the future?: 

Ari: I hope to continue to be a voice for Gen Z music curation and continue to help shine light on rising artists that don’t always get the attention they deserve. I also plan on continuing my career in music hosting and greatly look up to Carson Daly, Zane Lowe and Ryan Seacrest. 

ER: What is your mantra? What guides you?:

Ari: Why settle for good when you can have great. As somewhat of a perfectionist I’m always striving to better myself, my work and the world around me. Too often I feel like we settle for what is comfortable and average, often missing out on true greatness. 

ER: What is your favorite part about music/working in the music industry?:

Ari: My favorite part of working in the music industry has to be going to live shows. After months of being stuck inside because of COVID, nothing has been more enjoyable for me than to get to go to concerts and hear some of my favorite artists live. 

ER: What is the lasting impression that you want to leave?

Ari: I hope to be impactful in my life and leave the world better than I found it. I had the privilege to benefit from arts education in my public high school, yet sadly this is not the case for many kids in our country. Arts education shouldn’t be seen as a luxury for some but rather something that every kid is entitled to. I hope that throughout my life, I’m able to leave a lasting impression through helping arts education become more accessible to all.


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