Buppy./i retract all the love i let you keep

Making his early rising debut is buppy. Why that is, I couldn’t tell you. The 17 year old, of which he’ll interject “I’m turning 18 next month though”, has simply enjoyed a remarkable run in the last 365. He’s put out several fantastic records that occupy various spaces of emotion and vibration. “Violence” and “Open My Letter” received commented co-signs by none other than the great Patrick CC. Feel free to fact check me. I’m not running for office. A huge component of Buppy’s. success is certainly attributed to the uncanny amount of talent he’s aligned himself with. For instance, there is Anthony Palmer, the director who turns the song into cinematic vignettes of unadulterated storytelling. All that notwithstanding, Let’s talk about this new single that just dropped today! Enter i retract all the love i let you keep…..

“So maybe I’m alone since I moved states”

……Relocating from Utah to go for the gusto? I get Mac vibes from this one. That’s high praise. I’m aware of the essences of cliché that come inherently coupled by such a brazen statement. The warm piano, intertwined by steadfast monotone invite you to a sacred space of sorts. Curated by a kid that is wildly beyond his years in terms of perspective and wisdom. It’s as if he intuitively knows when it’s time to shift gears, intermittently juggling bars with idyllic melody. As if it couldn’t get any better, there are poignant undertones of jazz that make this song explicitly qualified to listen to in the evening….after the most tedious day of existing within the matrix.

“Complicated, in conversations, with myself”

The song is simply a banger. I’ve got Buppy. on my radar. As if it couldn’t get any better, rumor has it there is a video directed by Anthony Palmer dropping for this one on November 22nd. Which is good news, because the duo has yet to miss. End spiel. Simply put, Buppy. is a rare breed. Someone who genuinely cares about manifesting solitary thought into entire landscapes of bliss. Namaste.


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