Zonashi / Advanced Circuitry

In all truthfulness, I never thought I would see the day that I’d write on a song with no vocals, but today I turn a new cheek and explore a world of unknown. That said, it takes a special artist for me to make this monumental decision and LA-based experimental electronic producer, Zonashi, did exactly that. With roots in the Soundcloud future beats scene, Zonashi has always had an ear for unconventional sounds and rhythms, coupling strange songwriting with booming 808s and head-rattling drums. His songs mimic an almost jazz-like quality with their jagged edges and consistent sense of free-spiritedness, following the beat of Zonashi’s own idiosyncratic sensibilities while never forgetting how to compel the listener. Although it’s safe to assume that most of you all are just now getting familiar with Zonashi’s work, there are few experimental electronic artists that are as intriguing as he is and that’s exactly what’s landed him on our page today. 

“Advanced Circuitry” is not only the first single from Zonashi’s forthcoming EP, Catastrophe Theory, but it is also his first record released in over 2 years. The inaugural release from Loveshock, a new, genre-defying label that is seeking to be an industry titan for underground artists across the pop and electric spectrum, “Advanced Circuitry” is truly a record that we just haven’t come across anything like in a long time. In the song, it opens with a gauntlet of ominous effects and tones, taking you through an extra-terrestrial portal and into an unknown place. The track then drops into a thunder of 808s and digitally distorted scythe leads, displaying a wondrous sense of patience while keeping the listener on their toes. The instrumental then builds with intensity, adding layers of trunk-rattling drums and mind-melding sound effects before closing out with a cinematic intro. 

Without a doubt a triumphant return for Zonashi, “Advanced Circuitry”, is a song that might just find its way into your rotation and not leave for a while. That said, it’s your turn to check this one out, so I’ll leave the reins for you all to check it out using the Spotify link below.


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