Chloe Berry / Not Thinking Right

If you’re reading this, then I’m about to put you on to your new favorite up and coming indie artist.

Earlier this year, I did a Q&A with Chloe Berry: a 20 year old NY-based artist who is weaving between indie rock, bedroom pop, and dream pop to create a sound that is uniquely her own. Today, she released her single “Not Thinking Right” and I couldn’t be any more excited to continue spreading the sweetness of Chloe Berry to the Early Rising community. 

“Not Thinking Right” is a reminder that it’s okay to not be okay. The two minute track puts a grungy, alternative spin on Chloe’s typical indie-pop sound, kicking off with a snare drum that quickly crescendos into a punk glam anthem decorated in distorted guitars, a hard-hitting bassline, and nasally vocals. Lyrically, Chloe speaks to her struggles with mental health, singing: Consistently disappointing / Think I might be malfunctioning and You’re not thinking right / Drop off your brain and pick it up tomorrow night. There is a certain kind of comfort and familiarity that comes with Chloe’s storytelling. 

On the release of “Not Thinking Right,” Chloe shares: “I was feeling misunderstood by the whole world and defiant to the expectations it places on us to be happy. As it developed this song has become my anthem protesting that sometimes it is okay to not feel okay.”

“Not Thinking Right” accurately represents the sweet and sour dichotomy of Chloe Berry. Much like the single’s cover art, Chloe disguises her darkest feelings in a glowy innocence, painted in pastel pink. 

The track serves as a precursor to her sophomore EP, set to debut in early 2022. Until then, keep up with all things Chloe Berry and stream “Not Thinking Right” below!


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