Lucca Dohr / Sign

It’s always a refreshing day when I get the opportunity to cover a new, emerging artist who I’ve not yet had the pleasure of covering yet. Although this isn’t the first time that Dohr has found his way onto the Early Rising website, it has definitely been far too long since he’s made his last appearance. A nineteen year-old, all-around creative, Lucca Dohr, is a special talent and the craziest part about it is that he’s doing this all the while being a film major in college. Although Dohr has not released a crazy amount of music since his debut back in 2019, every single time he has released he has delivered in a big way. Quality over quantity is a note that any artist could learn from Dohr’s journey thus far and his newest single that I’ll be discussing today is the perfect example of that.  

In his latest release, “Sign”, Lucca Dohr offers us a self-produced masterpiece where we see Lucca truly experimenting with new sounds. A tune that continues to prove why we should be talking about Dohr’s name more and more, I personally believe that this record competes with the best of Dohr’s tracks to date. An airy, alternative record that you can listen to while slowly drifting through your Sunday evening, this song will launch you into an entirely different headspace if you just close your eyes and listen close. Speaking on the story of the song a bit more, Dohr has this to say:

When I wrote “Sign” I was practicing this theory that the universe sends you signs and/or messages (synchronicity, recurring words/number/colors/animals). At times I still like to tap into that subconscious world, but I’ve found that I enjoy a more logical reality. 

The rest of the lyrics were questions I was thinking about amidst the pandemic. Specifically, about the declining mental health so many of us are facing and how that relates to the people we are close to.”

If you haven’t already given Dohr’s single, “Sign”, the attention it deserves, make sure to go check it out using the Spotify link below. This one certainly does not disappoint, so finish your week off right by giving “Sign” a spin.


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