Today, I am delighted to welcome an artist to the world of Early Rising that I have been paying attention to for quite some time now. I first heard the name Destin Conrad a few years back when one of my very favorite artists, Kehlani, began posting and cosigning him via Instagram. Always trusting Kehlani’s taste, I delved into Conrad’s music and was instantly refreshed by his soaring harmonies and laconic yet vivid lyrical acumen. Fast forward a few years and Conrad has delivered us a number of gems from singles such as “CAUTIOUS” and “FRAUD”, to his critically acclaimed debut EP, “COLORWAY”. Now, closing in on the end of 2021, Destin Conrad has blessed us once again with his newest single, “LIFE IS CHANGING”. 

What stands out to me most about “LIFE IS CHANGING”, and Conrad, in general, is that he is contagiously not in a rush. There is a quality about his music that, in an era defined by immediate gratification and efficiency, allows for space and time to just be and exist. This has never been more true as with the case of this newest offering. Every time I click play on a new Destin Conrad track, I immediately feel a sense of calming relaxation wash over me. An artist beyond his years in experimentation and growth, Conrad has figured out how to consistently meld his voice, lyrics, and instrumentation into relatable yet norm-challenging R&B concoctions. Take a sip. 

Accompanying the release of “LIFE IS CHANGING”, is the track’s official music video. Directed by Adrian Per, we watch as Conrad cruises through mountainous regions of Southern California in the bed of a botanically overflowing pick-up truck. A song in which the central theme is, of course, change, I interpret the use of plants and driving to represent the growth that Conrad speaks on throughout the track. Alas, as the video comes to a close, there is no final destination or finish line to be reached. Perhaps I am reading into this, but to me, it seems that Conrad is prompting his listeners to think about the journey rather than the results. 

Overall, “LIFE IS CHANGING” is one of my favorite tracks that I have had the honor of covering this year and I am beyond excited to see what Destin Conrad has in store for us in 2022. As always, I have linked below to the official music video and Spotify preview. I hope you all get a chance to check this one out and please let us know what you think!


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