Harrison Lipton / Strawberryys

Brooklyn’s own Harrison Lipton has returned to the release circle once again with his latest offering, “Strawberryys”. An immaculate 6 track EP overflowing with left-of-center pop and RnB delights, the 27-year old multi-hyphenate has gifted the world a one-of-a-kind project that I can not recommend enough. Following up his 2018 album, “Loveliness”, this most recent project puts Lipton’s development as a singer, songwriter, and producer on full display. 

Laced with elements of synth-pop and 80s groove, “Strawberryys” is a cohesive yet experimentative collection of songs that invites listeners on a journey into Lipton’s plush and highly imaginative soundscapes. Off the rip, It was immediately obvious to me that Lipton is an artist with a remarkable ability to create microcosms and worlds for listeners to walk around and exist in. Not many artists are able to create such, as I said before, cohesive yet experimentative projects, but this seems to be Lipton’s forte. Shedding some light on the projects’ significance and origins, Lipton described his work as, 

A collection of sweet, short and sometimes tart songs, Strawberyys closes the chapter on my singles throughout the past year or so while also offering something new with ‘19 Hours’, a remake of my song with Giraffage from his 2017 album, as well as the stripped-down version of ‘No Good at Goodbyes’ that I recorded in one take on Instagram Live during the height of the pandemic. These songs are really close to my heart and I’m so excited to share them with the world.” 

It was my honor today to introduce Harrison Lipton to the world of Early Rising and I hope that everyone reading this has the chance to hit that Spotify preview below and go check out his music across DSPs. This is a special up-and-comer and I am beyond excited to see what experiences Lipton will create for us in 2022. As always, make sure to check out the track and let us know what you think! Happy Holidays!


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