Ben Schecter

ER: Hometown / living now?: 

Ben: I’m from Oakland, CA.  Now I live in Los Angeles. 

ER: What is the thing that keeps you so drawn towards music?: 

Ben: What keeps me drawn into music is my love and passion for people who make music and the magic of hearing a really good song in the studio for the first time. 

ER: What are you working on now?: 

Ben: We’ve been fully immersed in finishing up Ruby Red’s forthcoming project which I can’t wait to start rolling out next year. There’s an entire world being built that people are going to become immersed in. I’m also continuing to work across our producer division. We’ve had a great year with Sam Barsh receiving a grammy nomination for his work on Ye’s “Hurricane,” uv killin em headed towards going 2x platinum for his production on “2055” and Ben10k’s work across These Things Happen Too to name a few of the highlights from this year. 

ER: What project are you most proud of working on/ was most memorable?: 

Ben: I’m very proud to have played a small part in working on G-Eazy’s album, These Things Happen Too. G was an artist I grew up listening to, getting to bring in Ben10k and uv killin em on the project was a dream come true. When I was 14, I went to an album signing for the original These Things Happen in Berkeley – life comes at you fast. 

ER: What are your goals for the future?: 

Ben: This coming year I want to hit the road on tour and help my clients reach the new milestones that we’ve set for 2022.  I’m going to lead climb 5.12A and go on a road trip with my girlfriend to somewhere we haven’t been yet.


ER: What is your mantra? What guides you?: 

Ben: Always approach any situation with empathy and respect. Leading with empathy can solve anything. Always have the humility to recognize what you don’t know and ALWAYS use your resources. 

ER: What is your favorite part about music/working in the music industry?: 

Ben: I really love championing artists, producers and creatives – it feels great to fight for someone that you believe in.


ER: What is the lasting impression that you want to leave?: 

Ben: I want to leave a lasting impression based on the quality of the music that I was a part of and the relationships I’ve fostered. I want people to see the projects I’ve touched and think, “wow, that album blew my mind!” or “that song was the soundtrack to a specific time in my life.”


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