Sadie Jean / WYD Now?

Like a written message left unsent, or a moment gone inexperienced, Sadie Jean’s debut “WYD Now?” paints a picture of nostalgia in curious forms. More than just the question mark, it is the page softly waiting to be turned, the hurt ready to be history, and the endless future waiting to be made. It asks what now to plan for what’s next. 

The 19 year-old artist is originally from Tustin, California but currently attends the Clive Davis Institute at New York University. Sadie Jean credits her infatuation with songwriting all the way back to grade school days where playground fights and crushes were pivotal themes in her coming of age. Now, as she grows into her own and experiences more from the world, she lets us into a space of her past.

“This song is about wanting to rekindle a past relationship.  I wrote it on a writing trip with two of my best friends, Grace Enger and David Alexander.  I learned a lot about how I felt and what I wanted through the process of writing ‘WYD Now?’ so this song is very special to me.  It’s been a beautiful experience to see so many people connect to this song on such a deep level,” describes Sadie Jean.

Soft and delicate, “WYD Now?” is timidly inquisitive of where this two-way street can go. Ready to let the past be past, the song is gentle and unassuming. It speaks to a mutual ground where the slate is clean and the start is fresh. Listen to the amazing debut single from Sadie Jean below and stay tuned for more.


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