dyl dion/cannot be bothered

“high hopes, yeah…I still have some.”

Don’t we all? At this point I think we’re all thinking the silent part out loud. Enter Dyl Dion, a 17 year old bedroom-pop phenom from Wilmington, North Carolina. Seemingly emanating from the same hyperbolic-time chamber responsible for the likes of Goku, Dyl Dion has been running a marathon throughout the underground circuit. Get this, I discovered Dyl on the way to a bowling alley in Muncie, Indiana by way of my younger brother Sam.

Dyl has created a signature sound that is warm and organic. Presiding over each record every step of the way, farm to table stand. Uniquely enough, this process has allowed him to trailblaze ahead of contemporaries. More remarkable perhaps, is the actual creation of music seems to be Dyl’s only impetus. Which is reassuring, because everything he’s dropped in the last 5 months since he’s been releasing music has been exceptionally dope.

cannot be bothered, dyl’s latest offering, continues the indie artist’s run of phenomenal bedroom singles. By forging a mesmerizing acoustic guitar loop with some sounds that sound boosted Yoshi’s Story on the n64, Dyl nonchalantly creates a lucid playground where everything feels warm and blissful. Oh yeah, if you like melodies in the vein of Aries or Glaive, Dyl is your guy. It’s only 10 days into 2022. However, I am more than willing to bet that he is going to blow up in 2022. So….yeah……run it up!



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