Lily Rayne / Pink Lemonade

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Lily Rayne is a breath of fresh air. Self-identifying as the “Rhode girl,” Lily blends hip-hop and R&B effortlessly to create her unique sound, captured in her latest single, “Pink Lemonade.”

The track opens with Lily’s smooth vocals echoing “pink lemonade.” Eventually, the bass drops accompanied with conflicting lyrics as Rayne professes her love to a potential lover, who she hopes is always around.

Accompanying the track is a vibey music video, panning between different scenes. In the video, Rayne moves from a party scene with friends, to a darkroom, deep in thought.

“Pink Lemonade” is the smooth new track you need to add to your playlist now. Rayne might have less than 10,000 monthly listeners, but that number is soon to change as she continues to drop heat. I am excited for what is next.


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