Anna Shoemaker / Everything is Fine

Anna Shoemaker’s latest release “Everything is Fine” is denial in a cute skirt, sparkly heels, and winged eyeliner. With catharsis leading the way, Anna Shoemaker and her reality may be in the same room but she has no intention of ever becoming its close friend. 

The 27 year-old artist currently lives in Brooklyn, and started writing songs before she could play instruments. Today, she shares her latest video for her most recent single “Everything is Fine.” Directed by Josefine Cardoni, the video depicts electric scenes of Anna Shoemaker parading around, slamming guitars into television screens, and adding gasoline to the fire.  

Collaborating with Richie Quake and Middle Part, Anna Shoemaker explains “‘Everything Is Fine’ is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning it all down until the only thing left is you. You are the only person who has the power to ruin your life.”

Screaming from car windows and flashing middle fingers, Anna Shoemaker embodies a mental state many have found themselves in during the past year. Relatable and enticing, “Everything is Fine” reaches its hand out and embraces you into a shared rage that almost feels like a cool clique. All you need to fit in is impulse and a lighter. 

Watch the incredible new music video below and stay tuned for more releases from Anna Shoemaker this year.


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