Northside Hollow // Therapy

Alright folks, pull out your phone, open up your favorite music app and type in the following…”Northside Hollow” – trust me. Just do yourselves the favor so we don’t have to do this whole “I told you so” thing.  

Northside Hollow comes from the great land of Canada – Southern Ontario to be exact – and has spent a handful of years saving lives as a Paramedic and using music as an outlet for the experiences and traumas he faces on a daily basis. His writing offers a glimpse into the realities of loss, life and love.  Over the last few years Northside has spent time navigating the bubbling underground music scene that has produced some of your favorite acts of recent. His genre bending music and contagious energy is just one layer of this multi-faceted artist that has been gaining attention over the last few months.  Northside Hollow has collaborated with the likes of 347Aidan, Roderick Porter and most recently Dom Vallie and has shared stages with Xavier Wulf, Comethazine, Lil Mosey and Tyga.  

His latest release “Therapy” was inspired by a therapy session, and after taking a look at his therapists invoice he couldn’t help but think, “I’m the only reason that my therapist is rich.”  That simple line plus a hard hitting instrumental foundation from longtime collaborator/engineer Josh Polasz, Northside vents months of bottled up rage in this gritty tune. He speaks on issues such as drug addiction, financial troubles and the feeling of being alone in such a big world. Then, in a twist of fate, close friend and collaborator Dom Vallie heard the demo and couldn’t resist the opportunity to voice his thoughts on the track resulting in a two-hander that is sure to blow your mind. 

Through his music Northside hopes to be the voice for people who are going through the toughest of times. It’s about the story. The lessons learned. The heart behind the lyrics and the beats. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies and Northside Hollow shines a light on the realities of struggle. 

You can keep up with and listen to all of Northside Hollow’s music including his latest release “Therapy” with Dom Vallie via the links below. x


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