Grouptherapy. // Tangerine


Grouptherapy. has been dropping consistent heat since 2020. The dynamic trio, Jada Grace, TJW, and SWIM have released genre-bending singles that prove they are here for the long run. In 2021, the group released tracks highlighting individual members, showcasing the diversity within the group. And just when we thought there weren’t any more surprises, they hit us with their first track of the year, an upbeat, pop anthem titled “Tangerine.”   

“Tangerine” began as an idea to help Jada Grace write. TJW suggested she use the fruit as a metaphor to guide her and eventually, she was able to write about her healing journey. The song underlines the importance of healing individually and peeling away from potentially toxic relationships and behaviors. 

Complimenting Jada Grace’s delicate voice is TJW’s rapping. He brings forth a confident yet bold delivery. Proving that he is very much a rapper. TJW’s play on words is impressive as he raps: “You’re my clementine / Never Kevin Federline, no / Get it every time / Watermelon sugar high.”

I believe Grouptherapy. is next, so I suggest you get hip. Don’t forget to check out the music video below, directed by Grouptherapy.’s very own, Jada Grace!