Ray Riley // Bring Me Peace

If you’re looking for a soul inspired hip hop track filled with passion, authenticity and intriguing melodic delivery, look no further. Bring Me Peace by Ray Riley is a sonically exciting and hopeful record that is contrastingly derived from a place of darkness and depression, ultimately creating an incredibly heartfelt 2 minutes and 59 seconds of listening.

Ray states the inspiration behind the song stems from him being in a very dark place in his life. From not enjoying what he was doing in life to not liking the person he was becoming, he turned to music as an escape. This song came as almost a stream of consciousness, he says, airing out all the negative feelings and creating space for hope and change. His lyrics reflect this sentiment, immediately stating “Dealin wit my demons every night before I sleep. I been livin wrong so I pray my soul to keep. I be lookin up to God begging for some peace” 

This song resonated with me as soon as I came across it because of how raw and vulnerable the lyrics are. Everybody has some form of darkness they are dealing with – everybody copes with this darkness in different ways. Ray Riley explores this idea thoroughly, being incredibly open and honest about his own struggles in each of the verses. To me, this song is a great symbol of hope for anyone listening who may be going through something similar.

The production, albeit simple and repetitive, leaves plenty of room for the lyrics and vocal delivery to soar. Since the message of the song is the real star, it seemed fitting for the production to take a step back in this regard. Ray’s vocal delivery of this important and relatable message is spot on, as you can hear the intense emotion in his raspy yet crisp voice, feeling every word he says like a sharp sting of truth. 

“Let my purpose bring me peace” is such a unique way to call for and rely on hope, as it’s almost pleading for a shred of light in an otherwise dark tunnel. These specific lyrics serve as the perfect hook to contrast the vulnerability of each of the verses that delve into different examples of personal struggles. 
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this track by Ray Riley, as it resonated with me like I know it will with many others who may be battling with similar issues. The music video for this song is captivating and beautiful as well. Director Bryant Hyun does an amazing job of visually capturing every emotion the lyrics portray in a unique and creative way. I’m excited to keep up with this young, emerging artist from San Diego and hope he continues to make music as raw and real as this song.


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