Jay Safari // Dance


TikTok has done it again. After scrolling for hours, I heard what I thought was a throwback and quickly did a deep dive. The TikTok sound, at the time, had 992 videos and Jay Safari’s views were slowly increasing. His comment section was flooded with requests to drop “Dance,” a nostalgic, groovy track.

Currently, there’s little public information on Jay Safari; however, his music speaks for itself. Drawing a comparison to Pharrell, his music captures the fun and upbeat essence of music from the 2000s.

Jay Safari has an old soul, making his music therapeutic. I have yet to hear a song like “Dance” in a long time. His production and captivating lyrics prove he’s no rookie. “Dance” highlights his versatility and showcases his singing and rapping skills. He truly owns the song and surprises listeners in the bridge by changing his flow and spitting bars. I’m not easily impressed with artists, but Jay Safari has something and I want to continue to see him grow.

Mark my words, Jay Safari is up next.