Seafood Sam // 4th & Cherry


In a musical landscape where following trends and copying styles is the norm, finding an artist that is true to their sound is a taxing endeavor. However, when you find an artist that exudes authenticity to their craft, there’s no way to fake it. 

Of this pedigree is Seafood Sam, a Long Beach bred and born rapper that carries the classic West Coast sound into this decade with extreme legitimacy. With several EP’s and a number of features with other SoCal phenoms, Seafood’s discography demonstrates a keen emphasis on being true to his sound and influences. His latest release, Something for the Sunsets, features prime old-school production, flipping samples into rap music engineered for cruising in a ‘64 impala. With bars that can tell a story a million different ways and a cadence that reflect a level of stoicism and conviction that we don’t see often in rap today, Seafood Sam’s style effortlessly pays homage to his OG’s while maintaining his own unique flow and character. Fortunately for us, much of Seafood’s music is accompanied by unique and highly artistic visuals. 

In his latest music video for 4th & Cherry, the Long Beach artist can be seen cruising through his city, getting it how he lives. Billiards, fishing the LA river, and smoking fat are all in a days work for Seafood- but what stands out to me the most in this music video is how there’s no facade involved. From the angles to the filming locations, every detail is 100% authentic to Seafood’s everyday life with little to no embezzlement- not that it would be necessary. With shots that encapsulate the cleanest cinematography juxtaposed with the iconic VHS medium of the first hip-hop music videos, 4th & Cherry flawlessly demonstrates how Seafood exists within one era of rap while honing the unheard potential of another. An outlier among his contemporaries, Seafood Sam is propped on the shoulders of his predecessors while trailblazing a new path for the iconic West Coast sound.

If there were one possible explanation to how Seafood Sam is able to achieve this magnitude of artistry, it may be his unwavering commitment to representing the cultural hearth that is Long Beach, California. More impressively, he forges his own unique style unfettered by trends or illusions that would otherwise remove the artist in him. If you want legit, the look no further than Seafood Sam. 

Stream Something for the Sunsets wherever you get your music and check out the music video for 4th & Cherry on Youtube, linked below!