EARLY TALKS w/ E the Profit

If you haven’t heard of E the Profit, I suggest you best get familiar. The Kentucky rapper put out one of the best EP’s in the rap landscape last year (E For Effortless), as well as just recently releasing the verdantly-trappy infused Evergreen, of which E continues to showcase his acerbic lyricism. I had the privilege of connecting with E a couple of weeks ago to chop it up over the phone and ask a few burning questions I had. Below is our conversation…….

Jake Selvey) Namaste E!  How are you? Where are you

E the Profit) I’m in Northern Kentucky right now, I’m great my g, I’m great.

JS) One my favorite bars of the year, was “Yes I’m from Kentucky, I got Bluegrass in my blunt.” 

E) Blue Grass was actually the first song that I wrote in 2021. I was on quarantine, so I couldn’t do anything. My dude Rocco Roy sent me a beat pack and I heard the beat….it only took me 20-30 minutes to write the song, I was really just inspired by the landscape Kentucky has to offer. If you go just a little bit north, you hit the city (Cincinnati). The duality between city and nature resonates with me. 

JS) How the hell did you manage to acquire a horse for the music video?

E) Being in Kentucky…I mean I’m not going to act like everyone has them….but I had a friend that did and I just hit ’em up and was like…can I borrow a horse for a video?… and they hooked me up with two of them! 

JS) You mentioned you were in Quarantine while you wrote Bluegrass–obviously the pandemic has impacted everyone in a variety of ways–but specifically, it seems like musicians and live entertainment have been hit the hardest. As an artist yourself, what motivates you to keep going?

E) I think the thing that motivates me the most is the region I come from. Being from Kentucky, of course you have Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller, but I’m from Northern Kentucky. No one has made it out of here. It’s been a lot of growth in the last year. A lot of blessings and curses. You have to go through the processes to grow a fan base. Nobody feels comfortable supporting you, until they see others doing so. 

JS) Agreed, 100%, that being said…. who inspires you?

E) Musician-wise?…….or in general? 

JS) Dealer’s Choice.

E) Musician wise, I’m definitely inspired by Asap Rocky, Ye of course, Wayne, and Drake. Those were the artists I was rocking with in middle school and growing up. Away from music, I’m a huge Derrick Rose fan. Just because of all the trials and tribulations he went through in his career. If he can go through all that shit and come out on the other side victorious, it adds a lot of perspective to any problems that I go through in my life. 

JS) My little brother stans Derrick Rose! What inspired you to get into music in the first place?

E) Ironically enough it was Nick Cannon’s drumline. I started on the snare and then shortly thereafter transitioned to the drum set and y’know….I played drums and piano all the way throughout high school and then music took a backseat while I went to college for football and I fell out of it for a while, then my homey called me up and said to come to the studio. 

JS) How’d the first time recording feel like to you?

E) It reminded me of all the things I was doing before I got older and influenced by all of the people around me. The creative freedom and individuality in itself is what draws me to it. 

JS) Hobbies outside of music?

E) Hoop. I love hooping. I can be out on a court for like 4-5 hours at a time. 

JS) What are your plans for 2022?

E) My plans for 2022 is to continue to develop my sound, experimenting, and dropping some more projects that will manifest into being my best work.

JS) Live Shows in the future?

E) For sure. I have one February 11th, @ The Burl in Lexington, Kentucky and I also have one on April 16th Madison Live in Covington Kentucky. Tickets can be purchased in my bio closer to showtime so circle back. 

JS) What does Kentucky mean to you?

E) Kentucky is the place that made me who I am. This is where all of my memories have been made. I’ve learned all of my lessons. I’ve met all of my friends. My family is here. I developed into the man I am today because of Kentucky. Kentucky means home. 


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