Xanakin Skywok & Ssjishmael // Big Spenders

“Big Spenders” by Xanakin Skywok & Ssjishmael is the high energy hip hop smash you didn’t know you needed. Its outlandish production matched with extremely high energy vocals and witty lyrics will definitely leave you stunned and wanting more.

The song starts off with a tribute to a legend, Shirley Bassey, with a sample of her classic song “Big Spender” as the intro. As soon as the sample is over, however, we are immediately introduced to a whole new vibe both production and vocals wise. I love this drastic change, as it caught me off guard in the best way. Another nostalgic nod can be found in some of the rhythmic flow about halfway through the song. To me, there are pockets that are reminiscent of the 2004 classic “Tipsy” by J-Kwon as well as other hip hop music from this time. I appreciated how much nostalgia was mixed with modern music to create this record.

The song remains high energy throughout, making for the perfect houseparty, pregame or even workout song. It’s clear that both Xanakin Skywok & Ssjishmael didn’t hold back when creating this song. As a listener, I can feel how much fun they had recording this and it makes me want to have fun listening to it.


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