There’s no feeling quite like hearing a new song that instantly throws you into the far reaches of your mind, triggering nostalgia for moments in time that you thought you’d forgotten. VEAUX does just that with their new single, “Moonlight Sugar.”

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, VEAUX is a three-piece band comprised of brothers Aaron and Dom Wagner—producer/vocalist and drummer, respectively—and their long-time friend and bassist Andrew Black. The trio has been making music together for years, but with VEAUX, have zeroed in on a sound that is unique to them and thus, immediately captivating.

Opening with a dreamy riff over wurly keys, “Moonlight Sugar” takes off the second the drums drop in, as Aaron’s vocals dance over a buzzy bassline and carefully placed textural elements. The track fills you with a warmth that matches the lyrics, as Aaron sings about a love that’s sweet like sugar and as enchanting as the glow of the night on a lover’s face. The band demonstrates masterful production, creating utterly perfect amounts of space and dimension within each section. As it progresses, the song blooms and folds back into itself, drawing you in as you wait for the next hook or unexpected melody.

The chorus is full of groove and soul created as Aaron’s layered vocals weave effortlessly into Dominick’s shifting drum tempos and Andrew’s funky bassline. It oozes with a smooth seductive quality reminiscent of New Zealand’s powerhouse collective, LEISURE, and yet, VEAUX sets itself apart by finding a balance between the gentle tones and their more energetic alternative-indie rock foundation.

“Moonlight Sugar” brings forth nostalgic memories of indie and alt-rock of the 2010’s, but the song is by no means misplaced in our current timeline, bringing fresh new elements to the table in its sleek vocal processing, scintillating drum patterns, and infectious basslines. This song will have you daydreaming about your lover or reminiscing about sweet summer nights.

“Moonlight Sugar” is available to stream on all platforms and be sure to check out the band’s live rendition of it, below.


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