Quinton Brock // There For You

Vibrant, mellow, refreshing and effortlessly lovely are all prominent characteristics that come to mind when listening to Quinton Brock’s latest release entitled “There For You”. With surfer-esque inspired guitar melodies and prominently rock and roll influenced rhythmic breakdowns, this song is sure to put anyone in a good mood.

Quinton experiments with more plosive melodic delivery in the verses yet immediately contrasts with beautiful legato-like execution for the hook. This is mirrored perfectly with the instrumentation as well, as the drums and guitar follow the sway of energy in complete synchronization with Quinton’s vocals. These energy shifts within the song are what allow for such a fluid pathway of energy to be constantly present, creating a lively and energetic thrill for listeners to be challenged to keep up with. Lyrically, the song inspires positivity, hope and loyalty. The constant reassurance of someone being there for us is sometimes just what we need to hear. 

My favorite thing about Quinton as an artist is the positivity he continuously spreads. Despite touching on objectively heavy topics such as loneliness or self doubt in his music, he always manages to put a positive spin on it, leaving listeners hopeful and inspired. Consistently groovy and always well balanced, Quinton Brock has yet again proved that he can manage to put a smile on your face in just a matter of seconds.


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