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Houston, Texas will be forever known as a cornerstone in music culture. They have a bubbling underground community filled with talented artists and at the forefront of making a name for themselves is Taylr Woods. Taylr is a self-taught artist, producer, writer, and much more, and caught my ear with his track ‘By Any Means’, which was released in the latter half of last year. And as of December, he released a 14-track project titled ‘Made 4 This’. The project has a run-time of 33 minutes and features a multitude of melodic tracks, my favorite being ‘No Lie’.

‘No Lie’, featuring Darius King, is a two-minute and 49-second piano-backed track that you feel immediately when it starts. The instrumental reels you in, and Taylr and Darius’s ability to stay in the pocket is what keeps you there. The song boasts confidence, and you can feel that through lines like “And you can hate or get with it, but I’m just spazzing now.” Music is one of the most competitive arts in the world, and your ability to succeed is solely dependent on your will to challenge yourself, and it is clear that he wants to. 

Taylr is in the beginning stages of his career, and I look forward to seeing how he develops as an artist. The future looks promising, and I’m excited to see what happens.  If you haven’t already, you can stream “‘No Lie’, which is available on all platforms, or you can listen right here:


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