Elton Aura // Big Brothers

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I love when I come across a song that I know I’m going to like within the first 30 seconds of playing it. It is a hunch that I get, and it’s an amazing feeling every time that it happens. The music flows so effortlessly, and it makes me get out of my seat. And that is exactly what “Big Brothers’ by Elton Aura did. The Montgomery, Illinois native, is a vocalist and producer in his 20s, who began writing and recording music in High school.

‘Big Brothers’ is a lively track that speaks for itself. It is one of Elton’s latest singles, and it is only four months old!! The song is the epitome of a vibe and catches your ear off the rip. Elton’s ability to manipulate his voice and use different vocal inflections throughout the song is what makes the listening experience better; IT HAS A HUGE REPLAY VALUE. The song has a run-time of about two and a half minutes and has a music video to match it, which you can watch here:

‘Big Brothers’ by Elton Aura, Directed by Tim Nagle

This is one of the first songs that I have heard from Elton, and I’m enjoying the experience he is creating through his music. This record is a great listen, and you should check it out. ‘Big Brothers’ is available to stream on all platforms, and you can listen to it right here: 


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