wens, Sean Kennedy / breakfast at a funeral

Desperately trying to make something that is gone work, “Breakfast at a Funeral,” by wens and Sean Kennedy describes the feeling of final surrender: admitting to the end of a relationship that is long gone. The duo collaborated on the track, proving the gift the pair has: the ability to create a track that is nothing less of an earworm. 

The single is quick and upbeat, adding a layer of complexity to the brokenness of the past relationship they oh-so-sweetly sing about. The idea of breakfast at a funeral: something that should be light and fun, is applicable to the death of a past relationship. In Kennedy’s words, “If you’ve felt so disgusted around another person that you just wanted to smash your plate of pancakes, this song is for you.”

Kennedy and wens’ friendship was strengthened quickly, as well as their songwriting techniques; in the new-age way of recording, the two exchanged voice memos with lyrics, then eventually developed the pieces into a whole. The intriguing aspect of the single is the crisp lyrics, leaving little air to breathe while simultaneously cutting a rounded-out beat. The lyrics leave you hooked: I’ve been singing the chorus since I heard it. 

This track marks the first of wens’ upcoming EP – and trails behind past projects including her previous EP Lemoncholy and pat smash-hit single, “4ever.” These work in conjunction and reflect on the diversity in sound the young artist displays. 

Watch the visualizer for the track below, and stream “breakfast at a funeral” on all platforms today. 


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