WTSGD // CLAY (with Alessia Cara)

Created during quarantine over Facetime, “WTSGD” is a collaborative project written, performed, and co-produced by two incredibly talented individuals, CLAY (alt-pop singer-songwriter) and Alessia Cara (GRAMMY Award-Winning indie-pop singer-songwriter). This mesmerizing track is a part of CLAY’s upcoming EP Breathing Into Bloom, out on May 4th.  

“WTSGD” (When The Sun Goes Down), is an R&B influenced, intricately created alt-pop ballad. The track displays beautiful and soulful harmonies between the two artists paired with vulnerable lyrics that explore the pair’s raw and honest emotions – grappling with their mental health and confronting their demons. CLAY and Alessia both share the same openness and willingness to have conversations and create music surrounding mental health, a topic of conversation that is normally stigmatized or ignored.

CLAY says this of her new single: “‘When the Sun Goes Down’ is an honest exploration of what it feels like to struggle with your mental health. The night time often being the hardest. Amidst the sadness, the final line provides a glimmer of hope to hold onto, “no matter how dark it gets, just as the sun does set it too must rise.”

Practicing the mantra of “radical vulnerability,” CLAY views her music as a healing creation and hopes that her listeners can also find their own healing journey within her work. These artists’ voices as well as heartfelt messages melded together created such a magnificent piece of art that is extremely enchanting.

Listen to this lovely track below and get ready for CLAY’s EP Breathing Into Bloom which will feature more amazing tracks like this one. 


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