Sabrina Lee / Mr. Nice Guy

Returning to the release circle for the first time this year, 18-year-old Virginia native Sabrina Lee has blessed us once more with her newest offering, “Mr. Nice Guy”. A neo-valentines anthem representing relational independence and empowerment, Lee’s new track speaks to the youthful audience she has developed with previous releases such as “Hurt” and “compensate me for all of my loneliness”.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, everyone can connect with the feeling of being free from something or someone they might have struggled with in the past. Moreover, the world no longer glorifies the patriarchal system – and Sabrina eloquently, and with rhythmic value, translates that message in her own way.

Driven by an entrancing guitar melody and bouncy percussive elements, Sabrina Lee’s voice seamlessly navigates the track’s alt-pop instrumentation all the while communicating a concise message. As always, Sabrina came through with a hook that will have you running the song back-to-back-to-back. What I love most about the song is how the artist has fun with it yet doesn’t shy away from confronting real life shit. ab

My personal favorite release of Sabrina’s to date, “Mr. Nice Guy” puts the young creative’s personal and artistic growth on full display. If you haven’t already given this track a listen, make sure to check out the spotify link below and tap in with Sabrina on Instagram and Twitter @iamsabrinalee and TikTok @sabbylee. Peace! 


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