Kieran Ivy // Call Me Your Ex

Kieran Ivy is a name that is here to stay.  I came across this incredible young artist on Tik Tok not too long ago … and then again on my “for you page” … and then again on my Instagram timeline … and again through a friend that sent me his Spotify profile.  I quickly realized that Kieran is not just another artist on the rise but is someone that continually leaves lasting impressions on their audience.  

Kieran’s latest release, “Call Me Your Ex” is an incredible alternative pop blend that grabs the attention of anyone listening in the first couple of seconds.  The upbeat guitar melody and quotable lyrics showcase how talented Kieran is and how much potential he has at being a charting artist one day.  He gives me that feeling that I’m listening to something great before it manifests and I’m excited to see what he accomplishes this year. 

Go ahead and take a listen to the link below and dive into the world of Kieran Ivy before he becomes a household name.  This artist definitely has superstar potential and I look forward to hearing more! 


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Sam Moreland
Artist Manager and Writer
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