Deb Fan / Relapse

When I came across Deb Fan she immediately struck me as special. From the cool instagram posts to the healing soulful harmonies, Deb seems to possess the full package. 

She provides a breath of fresh air amongst the blur of saturation we’ve come to know all too well in recent times. Transporting her listeners through enchanting vocals and smooth, soft production.

The Hong Kong born LA based artist released her first track debut Playground in late 2020. Which alike her recent offering Relapse also further perpetuates the distinct vocal ability and dreamlike soul stylings she has become accustomed to. 

Relapse, a more powerful and vulnerable track, encapsulates the twisted world of a relationship unknown. Deb presents an emotional experinece as the lyrical content dances around themes of love, lust, drug abuse, addiction and recovery.

Very excited to see what is to come from Deb Fan.


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Jacob Jackson
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