Forest Ripperton / Wya, Im On My Way


Romance is not dead on Forest Ripperton’s latest single Wya, Im On My Way

The LA-based artist’s heart is on his sleeve on this track, which is a love ballad for the partner of your dreams. On Wya Im On My Way, Forest Ripperton glides on hypnotic synths and red blooded drums to drop a track that is equal parts suave and shameless. Although Forest dropped this track in the twilight of 2021, Wya, Im On My Way is the perfect love/lust song going into the new year. Forest’s cool and collected demeanor shines on lines such as, “They hate us on but we don’t care, we look so good that’s why they stare.” Juxtaposed with lines such as the opening “I’m gonna be honest, got me a queen a goddess,” this song was created with sexy couples in mind. 

Extremely smooth and unapologetically sensual, Wya, Im On My Way is a song for lovers. The drums bring forth a consistent energy that leaves space for some reflection when Forest isn’t talking about his ardent feelings towards his muse. Conversely, the synths maintain an epicurean atmosphere for Forest’s lyrics to really stand out. Extremely succinct, the lyrics of this song feel like a journal entry of all the feelings he has towards his muse.

Truly a fun listen and perfect to show to your bae, Forest Ripperton did something real special for all the lovers on Wya, Im On My Way. Aside from his music, you should also check out his modeling + his brand @imhappy._.promise too!

Performed by: Forest Ripperton

Written by: Keyan Ripperton