To me, it feels like a sun-soaked drive, the windows rolled halfway down, speeding down the 110 towards downtown Los Angeles. I think it’s evoking some of my favourite memories from my college life, and Floyd Fuji will do the same for you the second you hear his new single, “INSIDE.”

Fuji has found the perfect cross-section between soul and indie rock, creating a sound that just feels like the first warm day of spring.

“INSIDE” opens with a shimmery guitar melody that instantly puts you into a warm, dream state. Shortly after, Fuji sets the mood with silky, sultry vocals so masterfully produced that I guarantee you’ll assume you’re listening to one of the biggest names in Modern R&B/Soul.

Over some severely stank-face worthy guitar and a rich syncopated bassline, two sets of expertly layered vocals—one in Fuji’s lower register, the other higher—weave together creating space and dimension as the sounds swirl around you in the sweetest possible way.

The bridge dives into Frank Ocean territory, with a reverb-laden spoken section that will fill you with yearning as Floyd Fuji confesses—assumably to a lover—his curiosity about their every thought and interest and gives them a guarantee that he’ll always be waiting for them.

If you’ve been waiting for an act that takes what your favourite Indie Soul artists are doing to the next level, make sure to give “INSIDE” and the rest of Floyd Fuji’s discography a listen. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.



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