Opening up to someone new is always nerve-wracking, but when there are feelings as real as love in the mix, the stakes become unbearably high. Mari fights that fear with immense vulnerability on her new single, “Freckles.”

Straight out of the gates, over a warm acoustic guitar, Mari draws you into her most trusting moments as she confides to her lover that she counted her own freckles to imagine how they’d see her upon waking up. With the first lyric alone, you can immediately feel the honesty of the emotions to-be-laid-bare in this track.

As she continues, Mari lists off the fears and confesses the worries she’s kept bottled up until this point; apprehension to show her emotions, anticipation of each of her lover’s thoughts, anxiety around being unapologetically herself. She, then, gets painfully candid in the chorus asking the questions that plague many of us when falling into new love, singing “would I still be easy to love?” and “[i] wonder if you’d change your mind and give up.”

Though the production develops significantly from the initial acoustic guitar, even in the most dense sections, it remains largely subdued and minimalistic, matching that sense of emotional reflection.

In “Freckles,” Mari expresses a raw insecurity that I’m sure many of us can relate to, with the most effortlessly pure vocals, she’ll guide you to work through your own relationship OCD.

Check out the single and the rest of Mari’s discography on all streaming platforms.



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