NYC born – Berlin based indie act Grimson delivers a relaxing but thoughtful listen with Good Dreams.

I got sent “Good Dreams” on a Sunday while I sipped on an overpriced latte (but still worth it) at my local hipster coffee shop, it felt like divine timing. Good Dreams compliments the relaxed vibes we cherish our Sundays for, the weirdly placed relaxed feeling you might feel the morning after a night out, waking up to perfect weather, and the moment you realize you really cherish having your own space and solitude.

Grimson has a ton of other music that paints this picture for me, his Post Beatles flow makes me nostalgic for a time period I never got to experience, it truly takes you into its own little world. He depicts an intricate emotional painting with a set of colors we can all find coloring a part of our personal life story. It’s no wonder he’s gone viral multiple times on indie-TikTok.

In addition to his music skills, Grimson is armed with an out-of-this-world creative vision that he employs through animation. This allows him to float through this content-heavy era in the textbook of music history.

I’ve linked “Good Dreams” and the music for “I hate myself now” below. Check them out and let me know what you think!



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