Palace Hill / Okay the future is now

An ethereal world of music laced throughout with psychedelic synths and driven percussion, Palace Hill’s brand new EP, “Okay the future is now”, takes listeners on an uplifting and uniquely futuristic journey through the observations, experiences, and manifestations of the young artist. Following up his debut project, 111, this most recent release showcases just how much Hill has honed his craft in the past year.

Having produced tracks such as Khi’s Infinite’s “Ease” and Shmissy’s “The Perception”, Palace is no stranger to the world of Early Rising. This time applying his production skills to his own artist project, Hill’s mission statement is to “give people music that can raise their spirits with a mix of fun and therapeutic lyrics and instrumentation that can distract the listener from any harsh realities they face.” 

Today I am excited to highlight and celebrate Hill’s newest offering as I too believe it is a project with the potential to raise the spirits of listeners as it has done for myself. My personal favorite tracks, “Faith&Love” and “Space float”, have the power to instantaneously make listeners feel the same “high vibrational frequency” that the artist says he was experiencing at the time he wrote the project. 

As Hill continues to evolve artistically, I look forward to future offerings from the 20-year-old creative. With more singles, collaborations, and production placements slated in the coming months, 2022 is bound to be an exciting year for Hill and his fans. To stay up to date with Palace, make sure to tap in with him across socials @PalaceHil_, and as always, make sure to check out the tracks spotify preview below. 


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