Manwolves // Shotgun


One of the most unique acts in the contemporary alt scene, Manwolves is a peerless ensemble of percussion, strings, vocals, and brass that never fails to deliver music that is intensely poetic and dynamic in sound. Their first release of 2022, Shotgun, is a double single that further illustrates their commitment carving their own lane in the current musical landscape. 

While difficult to put a label on Manwolves, the Chicago-based ensemble has been putting out quality alt-rock oriented music since 2017. Their debut album, A Safety Meeting, is an energetic and carefree ska-adjacent album that reflected their youth of that time while also showing glimpses of poignant self-awareness. After a hiatus through most of 2020, Manwolves came back the next year with another album, Slipping In. As a post-Covide/hiatus project, Slipping In registered a level of maturity and introspection that many other artists felt in the wake of the pandemic, foregoing the seemingly reckless and juvenile nature of A Safety Meeting. Releasing a number of singles that further demonstrate this growth and maturity, Manwolves’ music has truly grown into it’s own unique sound unfettered by contemporary trends. 

Their latest track, Shotgun and Shotgun (Rainy Day), is a double single that advances their sound to being a musical journey of its own. With two different versions of the same song, Shotgun has the feel of a “choose your own adventure”. Where Shotgun is the full-bodied version with percussion and bass exemplifying extreme vitality, Rainy Day is the stripped down, lyric oriented version that focuses on the acoustic nature of the vocals, strings, and brass. What remains constant between both tracks is the abstract storytelling of the lyrics and alluring nature of the strings and brass. Per their socials, Manwolves stated that, “Rainy day version was more or less a happy accident. We really fell in love with the toned down mix after wrapping up.” A happy accident indeed, Manwolves’ decision to share both versions is on brand for their approach to artistry. 

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