Following up her 2021 EP, Essense, the versatile songstress known as Simi Liadi has now delivered us her newest offering, Experience. A compact yet sonically sprawling three song EP, the project showcases Liadi’s gift of self expression and unique way of processing life through music. Simi Liadi’s Experience is not something I am going to simply be able to describe to you – you have to, well, Experience it for yourself. That being said, I want to bring some insight as to why here at Early Rising, we believe she is one of the most promising artists on the scene today.

Raised in Maryland by way of Nigeria, Liadi finds refuge in the genre of R&B while also existing thoroughly within the realm of pop music. For reference, check out my personal favorite track off the EP, Better Days.With an undeniably butter voice and vivid songwriting acumen, she has a unique ability to immerse listeners into a myriad of moods – love, regret, happiness, you name it. I have no doubt in my mind that this is an artist well on her way to captivating millions of listeners and gaining the respect of the goats. With influences ranging from Nigeria’s own Asa to Brandy, it is ever so apparent that Liadi has taken notes on the greats, while creating her own unprecedented and disruptive sound. 

After having the opportunity to ask Simi a few questions, I came to understand that the artist’s creative endeavors are a truly authentic extension of herself. Genuinely Humble and hungry to be the best version of herself, Liadi expressed to me that, 

“Knowing there’s a time for everything helps me to be more at ease when opportunities aren’t coming my way or when things feel a little stagnant because I recognize that it’s just a waiting period for me to continuously work on my craft and prepare myself for the next big milestone in my life.”

While only a small window into her life and musical potential, the creation and gift of Experience is certainly something to be considered amongst said milestones. With a seemingly limitless reservoir of inspiration and the drive to execute her vision, there is no doubt in my mind that Simi Liadi is a name that we are going to be hearing much more in the coming years. 

Be sure to preview Experience in the Spotify link below and to tap in with Liadi across socials @SimiLiadi. Peace!


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