Sorry To Your Next Ex // Haiden

If you’re looking for your next favorite anti-love anthem, rising singer-songwriter Haiden just blessed us with his latest pop-rock track, “Sorry To Your Next Ex.” This release comes with an announcement of his forthcoming debut EP Can’t Hurt Me out later this spring that is sure to contain more bangers just like this one.

Securing a large amount of traction due to none other than TikTok, Haiden received 30,000 pre-saves for this song, which then meant he had to get back into the studio to finish up the track with LA-based producer Barry Fowler. This highly anticipated musical offering met and exceeded all expectations and more.

“Coming off the wave of my last release, I really wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response to this song,” Haiden shares. “But just like the last time, y’all took a half-finished song idea and blew it up bigger than I could have ever hoped for. Having two, back-to-back viral moments have given me a whole new appreciation for the fans, and – if I’m being honest – I’m a bit relieved to know that this insane story resonates with them haha.”

“Sorry To Your Next Ex” is a brilliant breakup anthem that highlights the theme of being too good for your ex, wishing them “well” on their next romantic escapade. Behind the rage-filled yet heartbroken lyrics lies a catchy pop melody sprinkled with distortion and driven by a powerful guitar.

The companion music video directed and produced by Ben Allen (Chelsea Collins, Desiigner, Amelia Moore) pairs harmoniously with the meaning behind the lyrics, showcasing the reality of a relationship gone south and the bitterness that comes along with it. 

Whether you are going through a heartbreak yourself or have experienced one before “Sorry To Your Next Ex” will captivate your senses and incite a feeling from within you that will make you want to belt the lyrics as loud as you can. 

Make sure to listen to “Sorry To Your Next Ex,” watch the music video, and get ready for Haiden’s upcoming EP coming out in the near future.


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