Wakai // When There Was No Sun


And making his case is 21-year-old recording artist Wakai. The Baton Rouge native teamed up with Chicago legend Mick Jenkins to bring us “When There Was No Sun.” A track where both artists demonstrate masterful wordplay through metaphors and punchlines creating a great listening experience.

“When There Was No Sun” starts with a simple bass progression layered with some mellow drums. When listening, you notice that there aren’t a lot of effects or instruments being utilized, so the lyrics become the focal point of the song. Both Wakai and Mick have a calm demeanor on the track and line after line you realize how much they are barring up. They’re talking their sh*t and this is prevalent in lines like: “I’m borderline of the peak of your favorite nine rappers least/ put the coordinate/ order this mic/ In spite laughter of the audience they kept lacking so I comboed em quicker than CNN

I was already familiar with Mick Jenkins, but this is only the second song that I’ve heard from Wakai, and he is showing that this new gen is something to look out for. It’s filled to the brim with unique and talent artist, who create new vibrant bodies of work. The table is getting bigger with the creation of these new sounds, and these artists are making room for themselves, and it’s well deserved.

Wakai has the talent to become a juggernaut in the music game, and you can see it in his music. He is a special talent, and I look forward to seeing how he develops artistically. Make sure to follow Wakai on Instagram here

“When there was no sun” is out now and available to stream on all platforms, and if you haven’t listened already, you can do that here:

And Wakai’s album “To a Dark Boy” releases this Friday, March 25th.


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