Muchi is one of the only artists today I can truly describe as unique and he further proves this with his 4 song EP titled “EGO<CONFIDENCE”

“Poet in the Park” serves as a perfect intro track and while the beat sounds positive, Muchi delves into the depths of his Ego, a motif of the EP. Throughout the track, Muchi starts with a calm voice but progresses to a more and more urgent tone which leads into “Firefighter” perfectly.

The beat for “Firefighter” is amazing, simply put. It is calming yet interesting and progresses as the song goes on. Muchi displays his singing ability on this song and I think it works perfectly with the beat.

“Ego’s Villain” stands out as the best song on the EP. The beat is amazing, and what really stands out to me on this track is Muchi’s ability to sing. He perfectly fits the beat in this song and I feel as though this song stands out as one of the best underground pieces of music of 2022.

The outro for the EP, titled “Pathetic” reminds me somewhat of Tyler the Creator, yet Muchi still incorporates his style within this. It serves perfectly as an outro and the synths at the end wrap up the EP really well.

All in all, Muchi’s EP “EGO<CONFIDENCE” is an amazing piece of work and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for new music.



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