Delusions // SANNA

21-yeard old indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist SANNA (PKA as Ava Trepeck) hailing from Birmingham, Michigan, is making her Early Rising debut with her latest single “Delusions” out today. 

“Delusions” is an ethereal indie-pop track with a vibrant soundscape producing immaculate vibes. The strumming guitar and driving drum beat pair effortlessly with SANNA’s light and airy voice. My favorite part of the song is after the bridge where this is a moment of true rawness at which SANNA’s voice stands alone with nothing behind it, showcasing her pure effortless vocal tonality. 

When asked about the meaning behind her musical creation SANNA explained, “Delusions” is about losing and finding yourself time and time again. I wrote this song in September, sitting on the floor in my sorority house. I was going through a transitional time coming back to school and hadn’t yet felt settled. “Delusions” can be interpreted in any way fit for a listener but I definitely wrote it with the intention to address the self-conscious way I was feeling at the time. I knew that the negative thoughts I was having weren’t entirely true, real, or permanent. I recognized them as ones that have come and gone before. I wanted to put this feeling into words and share the story with others who could be feeling the same way and relate. 

To SANNA, music is a form of therapy; inspired by the way music can make someone feel a rollercoaster of emotions, process trauma, and/or create connections to others – music is a way for SANNA to explore raw honesty during moments of intense emotion. SANNA says, “Music has saved me. It heightens my elated emotions, neutralizes my sad ones, and inspires me to keep on feeling” hoping it can do the same for her listeners. 

SANNA is truly a gem of a human being as well as an extremely multi-faceted artist. If you haven’t heard her music yet, make sure to check out this new release and get ready for an album by the end of the year with a “kaleidoscope” of diverse pieces.


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