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Similar to hearing a certain song, or visiting a specific place, a single image has the overpowering capability to bring back a thousand of emotions at once. We all have that one friend who is always taking pictures of the group, and I am that friend. There is just something so special about having documentation of life’s special moments. Dee Holt’s latest release, “picture” (ft. Chris James) is all about taking a picture to make the memory last longer.  

In two and a half minutes, “Picture” invites the listener to observe what true love looks like at its core. It reminds me of the feelings of comfortability between two people who completely admire one another – where they are simply happy to be in each other’s presence. In the all-too-catchy chorus, Dee sings, Let me take a picture, I’ll show you mine / We’ll see what I can capture behind your eyes / And on and on, yeah, we got the time / And on and on, yeah, I’ll be by your side. Halfway through the song, Dee is accompanied by Chris, who matches Dee’s level of whimsical adoration. Especially through their harmonies, the chemistry between Dee and Chris is palpable. Their collaboration feels organic and playful, which only adds to the track’s ‘cute’ factor. 

“Picture” treads the line between alt-pop and bedroom pop, combining a bouncy bass line, subtle synthesizers, a drum kit, and a number of sampled sound-bytes that work to reflect the fun-loving themes of the track’s lyrics. Dee’s vocals are sweet and smooth; she sings with a softness that feels like a warm smile.

At only 18 years old, Dee Holt is making moves in the alt-pop world. Personally, I think that if you are a fan of BENEE, Ūla, and/or Claire Rosinkranz, you will vibe with Dee. Dee sings with a certain kind of cheer – it is evident that she is ready to share her special gift with the world. 

“Picture” will be featured on Dee’s debut EP, “When I Close My Eyes,” set to release next month.

Stream “Picture” below! 


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