Pote Baby // Set It Up

Play this in the whip at max volume, you’ll thank me later.

Pote Baby is back and demonstrating why The A isn’t the only hub for music in Georgia. Born and raised in Savannah, Pote Baby is a recording artist who’s quickly gaining attention with the release of his latest single “Set it up.”

“Set it up’ is his first single of the year and is a bouncy bass-driven track that garners attention. POTE BABY IS ABLE TO utilize catchy lyrics, contrasting cadences, and distinctive production to formulate a one-of-a-kind sound. THIS is a TRACK that RINGS OFF. THE BASS RATTLES THE SPEAKERS AND YOU CAN FEEL IT IN YA CHEST. The song also has a music video Directed by Donny Slater, who manages him and co-owns a production company used for most of their visuals.

You can watch the video for “Set it up” here:

Pote Baby – Set it Up (Official Video), directed by Donny Slater

This single follows his project “Pote Day” which was released in September of last year and features stand-out tracks like “Different Pote” and “Playin”

It’s clear that Pote Baby has something special going on for him, and with a handful of partnerships from companies like SoundCloud, Reebok, and Grey Goose, it is clear to see that he is expanding his brand and going for longevity over quick successes.

Make sure you guys follow Pote Baby on Instagram here, and if you haven’t heard “Set it up” yet you can do so here:


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