One of the things I always listen for when listening to an album is cohesiveness and I think DIZ did this perfectly on this album. Every single song, regardless of the main emotion evoked by the song all of the songs, they all have soul and I think that is what makes this project so wonderful.

Songs like “Who Knows”, “Outta Tune”, and “All is Good” stand out to me as the best songs on the album. The soulful beats and the emotional delivery given by DIZ add up to become great songs.

I also think what DIZ utilizes well on this project is his use of a lot of different producers. The variation in production between each track makes for a really interesting listen. That being said, there is still cohesiveness in this project and I think on a full listen the cohesiveness would stand out to anyone.

All in all, DIZ’s first album of 2022 “ULTRA.VIOLET” gets a really strong review from me. What I like so much about DIZ as an artist is that I have seen consistent improvement from each project and that trend continues with this one. I look forward to what else he has in store for 2022.

Listen to “ULTRA.VIOLET” on all platforms.


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