Dolphin Talk And Stephen Niday // 2 Action 2 Park

A compilation album you don’t want to miss, Dolphin Talk and Stephen Niday left nothing on the table with their latest release “2 Action 2 Park”. With features from ATL Smook, Yeat, Polo Perks, Big Baby Scumbag, Youngsixflags, Babytron, RxK Nephew, YT, Pollari, Texaco, Young Zukaa, Muddymya, Bennyman, Dee Aura, 3ag Pilot, and Caal Vo, this is an incredibly cohesive project that showcases a wide range of impressive talent from the top emerging names from the SoundCloud community.

The project was produced by Dolphin Talk and Stephen Niday with the help from Firemane, Glumboy, Aidan, Bennybaby, DJBangoutbeatz, Hadif10k, and Boombapgrandad. Combining the talents of all these creatives ultimately worked in everyone’s favor as there wasn’t a single song on the project that I wouldn’t listen to again. 

French Fry featuring youngsixflags and BabyTron was an immediate standout to me. The hard hitting 808’s and rage like synths were incredibly reminiscent of Atlanta Trap and did a great job of filling the song without overpowering the featured artists.

5 Jacksons featuring MuddyMya was a surprising feature in the best way. Hot off her recent release MONEY KALL (prod CashCache + Ksubi1k) on SoundCloud and her latest single I See You released on all streaming platforms, she is definitely a name that should be coming up in all conversations pertaining to rising hip hop artists. Breaking barriers with her relaxed delivery and thoughtful lyrics, 5 Jacksons was an easy listen and a song I immediately added to my playlist.

Big B Bently featuring Dee Aura was another standout track. With one of my favorite beats from the project, Dee Aura seamlessly tackled this production while showcasing the clear tone and energetic delivery he’s best known for.

The idea of a compilation album like this is a powerful move to bring together these emerging artists with mutual and overlapping fanbases. With their core listeners being those of the SoundCloud underground community, it makes perfect sense to work together and uplift all of these producers and artists to come up together.


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