If you’re looking for a standout acoustic project, you’ve come to the right place.  Kaleb Mitchell has recently dropped “Be Safe”, his most recent acoustic project that showcases both his talent and the outstanding production throughout this body of work as well.  My personal favorite from this EP is “ALRIGHT” as it is an immediate attention grabber and can be played in any setting.  

This EP contains the acoustic versions of some of his most popular released R&B songs that go along with the story of the upcoming project, “Beloved”.  It’s the beginning of a farewell to old feelings and relationships.  It represents him as an artist waving goodbye to heartbreak and saying “hello” to new love.  

This project is an enjoyable listen and is soothing to any setting.  I’m super excited to see what Kaleb releases throughout the rest of the year as he follows up from this project and continues writing his story.  “Be Safe” is just the beginning for what Kaleb Mitchell is bringing to the table.  If you haven’t already, give this talented artist the plays he deserves in the Spotify link below!


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