Zachy / pretend

Having been raised in the great state of North Carolina, I have always had an affinity towards artists that incorporate folk and other forms of traditional music into their contemporary creations. Exemplifying this fusion at a high level, it is my pleasure to introduce Indie-Folk up-and-comer, Zachy, to the world of Early Rising! 

With a vivid songwriting acumen and golden vocal tone, Zachy’s “Pretend” takes listeners on a sonic journey through the process of detoxifying from a soured relationship, only to fall back into loneliness. Backed by a cyclical guitar strum and number of very subtle and pleasing instrumental elements, Zachy’s voice soars over the music to convey a rollercoaster of emotion. 

Yesterday I saw a quote from legendary music producer (and personal idol), Rick Rubin, which read, “Sometimes a sketch is better than an oil painting and that’s fine”. Rick’s fine words convey exactly how I feel not only about Zachy’s fire cover art, but also his music at large. In a world where everything seems to be over processed – from food to music – it is a breath of fresh air to hear a stripped down yet undoubtedly full feeling and complete song. There is a lot of beauty (and hidden complexity) to be found in simplicity, and Zachy has figured out exactly how to tap into that duality. 

With some great editorial looks from Spotify and an outpour of support across socials, Zachy is off to a great start with his release and I wish him the best of luck as he takes the world by storm. If you haven’t bumped “Pretend” yet, please do yourself a massive favor and check out the spotify preview below. To stay tapped in with the young king, you can find Zachy on socials @zachyva. Peace!


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