The Best Out: Wens


Who is the best up and coming artist in the music industry right now? For myself and the rest of the Early Rising team, we think it’s none other than singer/songwriter, wens. The 23-year-old talent makes it on to our page for the very first time today, but judging by the level of her talent, it will not be the last. I actually met wens in a moment of fate and ended up becoming enamored simply by her presence; Slowly but surely, I found out she was an artist and she proceeded to sending me her upcoming EP. After a few spins, I quickly came to the conclusion that wens wasn’t just another singer, but rather a star waiting to be born. From her captivating vocal tone all the way down to her convicting songwriting, it was clear to me that this up and comer just added a new fan to her family.

To no surprise, wens is making her Early Rising debut for the same EP that just dropped today. The 6 song project called, “alien tears” is a meticulously crafted collection of tracks that explore the realities of love, loss and heartbreak. What I love most about this EP is that somehow, wens has found a way to make us feel her exact emotions all through her songwriting. Some of the best artists are those who invite you into their world and she manages to do this so effortlessly. Each song is an undeniable beauty, but my favorite has to be “4ever” as it boasts dynamic production and some of the catchiest verses you will ever hear.

I could go on and on about my love for wens, but this is something that I need you all to experience for yourselves. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below for “alien tears”, so give this one a listen and uncover why wens is the best out right now!