Caity Baser / Friendly Sex

I don’t think that we should have friendly sex anymore / ‘Cause I’m getting too comfy in your bed / Oh lord… 

Oh lord, indeed. A few weeks ago, Brighton-based pop artist Caity Baser released her single “Friendly Sex.” The title of this track, as well as its chorus, speak for themselves – but this track is too real and too catchy to not share with Early Rising’s readers. 

In just over two and a half minutes, “Friendly Sex” perfectly captures the perspective of someone in a ‘friends with benefits’ situation who comes to the stark realization that, perhaps, they would like to be more than just friends. Caity’s storytelling is playful and witty – pointing out the ironies of someone thinking they should remain as friends, despite her having a “f*cking coat on the back of their door” and “their dog is actually liking her more.” Whether you are in a friends with benefits type of situation, or perhaps a situationship, or have simply dealt with a confused m*n, “Friendly Sex” hits a little too close to home. 

The production of this track is simple, yet effective, allowing for Caity to cut to the chase in a cute, yet simultaneously tongue in cheek manner. A whistle loop, guitar riff, and upbeat drums create an indie-pop adjacent soundscape that perfectly accompany Caity’s spitfire storytelling. Caity’s vocal inflection sets the tone for the track – she sings in a way that realistically conveys the inner conflict that comes with having feelings for someone you never, ever anticipated yourself to. 

I highly recommend “Friendly Sex” to anyone looking to add some upbeat, quirky pop energy to their playlist. If you’re a fan of artists like Dylan, Claire Rosinkranz, or Maisie Peters, I have an inkling that you will enjoy this tune. Caity Baser’s superpower is her capability to sing about those who wronged her in the sweetest way possible, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. 

Stream “Friendly Sex” below!



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